When a full service branding agency wanted to re-invent themselves to separate from their competitors they simply embraced becoming what other agencies were “not”. The “not an advertising agency” campaign was born and needed to filter through all that they did as an agency online and off.


As lead designer I created an online presence that provided its users with an experience “not like others”, from its user friendly but unorthodox navigation to the impacting full scale background images that reflect the light humored, fun personality of the agency.


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The 20nine website (as fun as it is) only shows a fraction of the personality and work that you get from 20nine. Very few people get the chance to look back and bear witness to the breadth of work that they have produced, the great moments that they had forgotten, and the journey that they have taken to get to where they are today. So the incredibly awesome (hilarious, good looking, talented) team at 20nine decided to put together a 2011 year in review.
And it was a great year!