What did I do when I wanted to polish my skills in multiple areas such as writing, photography, video production, web design, and even cooking? I created an event for my friends and family based around a themed meal where everyone who participates has to bring something special to the table whether it’s food, drink, photo, video, or story and it all has to be documented on our community blog, Fpoon.


Fpoon is a blog and an event that connects my personal community of family and friends (Fpooners) that would allow us to have a creative outlet and encourages everyone to offer something new no matter how big or small. It could be as little as an extra ingredient or as big as video recording the nightly event. Fpoon is a great chance to be as creative as possible. Every Fpooner has full access to the blog to post updates. Each themed event takes on its own personality and is allowed to grow organically through the additions and posts of the Fpooners that are participating.


This project constantly keeps me in the state of creating, but the best part is being able to look back and realizing that Fpooning is just good old fashion fun with food, friends and a few drinks that make for great memories that we will now have forever.